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I have worked with Dr. Ray Y. Chuang for four years since my junior year at NTU. I mainly focus on InSAR techniques and the associated surface deformation, especially the 3D displacement decomposition and coherence change detection.

Besides geodesy, I also acquire some techniques in seismology, ambient noise interferometry. It was used to detect precursors of the 2017 Bezimianny volcanic eruption and the 2018 Krakatoa volcanic eruption.


SAR/InSAR has shown strong abilities to capture the overall surface deformation pattern throughout the years. I have made either 2D or 3D coseismic surface displacement fields with several earthquake events with different magnitudes and satellite images. Additionally, I have made some Damage Proxy Maps (DPM) for certain seismic events and also a one-year monitoring of the deforestation in the Amazonia.


I joined Dr. Hsin-Hua, Huang's lab during the 2-month Summer Research Internship at Academia Sinica in 2019. I learned the principles of ambient noise interferometry. This technique was used to detect the precursors of the major 2018 Krakatoa volcanic eruption. 

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