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Developed codes

During working as a Master's student, much displacement data requires automatic operation in order to assure efficiency and to make try-and-error much easier. The codes are mainly for handling GMT grid data (netCDF) and the displacement field derived from GMTSAR. Below are the codes programmed by myself and are generally categorized into two categories. These codes can be found on my GitHub page.

GMTSAR-related (C-shell)

Since GMTSAR is programmed in c language and connected with a series of c-shell, the GMTSAR-related codes are also designed with c-shell scripts. There are some supplementary codes for GMTSAR processing as well as codes for handling grds. Please directly refer to my GitHub repository: (GMTSAR_gadgets)

Displacement field (MatLab)

The preliminary results of displacement field often require further processing in order to serve for further usage, or simply for better visualization. Such post-processing involves taking out the noisy pixels, interpolation and spatial smoothing/sharpening.

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